Candied Sugar Is a Great Treat From an Iranian Wholesaler

Candied Sugar

Candied sugar has become a popular treat throughout the world, but the candy got its origins in Iran. You can find candied sugar through an Iranian wholesaler right now.

Candied sugar has been made in Iran since at least the ninth century. Sugar mixtures are cooled off to create sturdy crystals. Some added flavours are included in these mixtures, but sometimes these fine food products can be enjoyed without any flavorings.

The compound can be mixed well with floral essences to produce a nice scent. Small wood sticks are also used to improve upon how well sugar crystals can solidify and stay strong.

The shapes of each crystal will vary throughout the mix. You can find some attractive shapes in most cases, although you should always be careful when consuming the crystals.

You will love great candied sugar treats offered by an Iranian wholesaler. See what Takin Fine Foods has to offer for your candied sugar needs.

Image Source- Pixabay

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