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Dried Mushrooms | Dried Herbs

Dried herbs are extremely important when it comes to seasoning your food and the proper usage of herbs and spices makes all the difference in the end. Herbs are generally used as a medicine or, flavour which doesn’t develop persistent woody tissue but dies down at the end of growing season. Spices on the other hand comes from a dried plant and usually in powdered form.

Some of the most common dried herbs which are used in dishes include Basin, Parsley, Oregano, Thyme, Bay leaves, Rosemary, Coriander, and Fenugreek etc. Dried herbs can also be rehydrated in water before they are added to a dish unlike fresh herbs which can be added right away. Dried herbs work best with dishes which allow ample time to cook.

Herbs with a strong flavour like rosemary, mint, thyme, oregano etc. can be added at the beginning of cooking a dish since it takes some time for the flavours to fully develop and mix with the dish.

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