Find Liteh Pickles From a Persian Wholesaler


The Liteh pickle is a popular type of pickle mixture found in Persian entrees. You can order Liteh pickle spreads from a Persian wholesaler today.

The Liteh pickle mix is made with a recipe that features eggplant, tarragon, pepper, black caraway seeds, basil, and celery. The mixture of dried herbs and other foods produces a beautiful accessory that goes with many other Persian or Mediterranean foods.

You can spread the Liteh pickle mixture on your plate as a side dish for traditional meats. The mixture adds a sweet and tangy flavor to any entrée you wish.

You can also find the pickle mixture prepared well with a fine texture. The mixture will be secured in a sturdy bottle to keep the content arranged quite well.

A Liteh pickle mixture will make any entrée stand out. Ask Takin Fine Foods to see what you can get out of the Liteh pickle.

Image Source – Flickr

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