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At Takin the quality matters and we provide our customers with a range of choices in dried and frozen products. Ensuring only the finest quality, freshest food products at the most competitive price all year round. Please contact us to organize a visit with one of our friendly sales representatives to your site and show … Continue reading Products

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When Should You Use Dried Herb And Fresh Herb?

Are you curious as to when to use dried herb and fresh herb? According to professional chefs, the fresh herb has a more distinct flavor than dried herb. The composition of herbs includes compounds such as aldehyde, hydrocarbons, ketones, and phenois. These compounds are exposed to external elements that can affect the consistency of their … Continue reading When Should You Use Dried Herb And Fresh Herb?


  Since 2006, Takin Fine Foods has been providing Australians some of the world’s finest food products and ingredients. A reputed Persian wholesaler, we import and distribute a wide range of dried fine foods. From seasoning boosters to wheat products, we have them all. In particular, we specialise in supplying quality fine foods sourced from … Continue reading Confectionary

Wholesale Spices Suppliers Offer a Myriad of Spices to Make Dishes Flavourful

Quality chefs and cooking connoisseurs the world over use spices of all kinds when preparing various dishes. These spices and herbs serve to enhance the flavour of the dish. For parents, who often fret over finding new ways to ensure that their children consume sufficient quantities of healthy food, spices can be a boon. Merely … Continue reading Wholesale Spices Suppliers Offer a Myriad of Spices to Make Dishes Flavourful


The use of fine food products in Australian households and commercial establishments has been steadily increasing. Many Australians prepare dishes comprising dried grains, fruit, beans and lentils these days. In addition, they will enhance the flavour of these dishes with an assortment of spices, seasonings and dried herbs. Not all suppliers can offer quality food … Continue reading Takin

Meat / Beef

For years, people have considered frozen foods to be inferior to their fresh counterparts. Some decades back, this theory might not have been entirely wrong. After all, the technology and techniques used for freezing food in those days would certainly not have been the best. As a result, not many Persian wholesalers offered frozen food … Continue reading Meat / Beef


Many health experts urge people to consume red meat prudently. Eating excessive amounts of red meat could have a negative effect on your health. Because of this, many Australians have begun consuming chicken instead of red meat. Chicken typically contains a variety of proteins and nutrients that make it a healthier alternative. In addition, preparing … Continue reading Chicken


  Not many Australians can do without having some pickle accompany their main meals. Pickles make superlative health foods. They remain loaded with nutrients, while being low in calories. They also provide an excellent source of food to the beneficial bacteria that reside in the stomach. This makes them superb probiotic foods. Almost any sunflower … Continue reading Pickles

Canned Food

Health experts and dietitians often urge Australians to increase their intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables each day can be a good habit to acquire. You could also increase your consumption of dry fruits sourced from reputed dried fruit suppliers in the vicinity. These fruits can be a perfect substitute … Continue reading Canned Food

Grains / Wheat

Food grains do not only provide the basic ingredients for making a number of dishes. As part of your daily diet, they could have a positive effect on your health. Grains and beans suppliers typically stock two varieties of most food grains – whole grains and refined grains. Refined grains usually contain just the endosperm. … Continue reading Grains / Wheat


Many spices and beans suppliers in Australia stock different varieties of sugar. Several experts have categorised sugar as a villain when it comes to matters concerning good health. In their view, consuming copious amounts of sugar can be detrimental. For starters, excessive levels of sugar in the blood could make you diabetic. Similarly, studies have … Continue reading Sugar


The use of common salt (or sodium chloride) in a wide variety of everyday foods remains a common practice. One could almost say that salt remains an omnipresent ingredient when it comes to seasoning any kind of food. Salt comes in a diverse range of forms and particles. So, you will need to visit your … Continue reading Salt


When it comes to baking, you will undoubtedly need the best flour. Many people have their traditional favourites when it comes to flour. These individuals will use this flour to bake an assortment of breads, cakes, pastries and other goodies, and, when they exhaust their supplies, they will not think twice about visiting the local … Continue reading Flour