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The importance of authenticity and variety for Wholesale Spices Suppliers

Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor. We at Takin live by this quote in relation to, you guessed it, our spices. Just a pinch of one of our forty-five spices can influence a dish so significantly you’d think you entered another country the second you tasted it. This is why every good chef in the finest of restaurants pays a great deal of attention to the wholesale spices suppliers who provide these underrated gifts from god.

The world’s demand for spices is just as strong as it was during the booming revolution of the spice trade which shaped the global economy of today as we know it. We as wholesale spice suppliers recognize that demand and also take part in it. Our spices have been selected from only the highest quality suppliers overseas who truly understand the factors and processes of producing and delivering quality spices and we at Takin do not restrict ourselves within our nation’s borders as we strive for variety and authenticity in our products supplied from Iran which allow us to provide these goods for you in a cost-effective manner making it easier than ever to add variety and authenticity to your dish today.

Spices are one of the many types of fine food products provided at our retail facility in Fairfield Heights, so come on in to take a look or order today on takin.com

Guidelines for Fine Food Suppliers in New South Wales

Australia is the world-leading source of high quality, safe and innovative food from across the globe. The food industry in Australia is expanding all over the globe and has considerable experience in tailoring products to meet consumer preferences.

Most food manufacturing occurs in the urban centers of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Here, at Takin we managed to gather all fine food from all over Australia or across the world under one roof.

There are certain guidelines, which as fine food suppliers are important to follow for everyone. The most important among all guidelines is food handling. The requirements for handling food for sale for human consumption are outlined in food safety practices and general requirements and standards issues by Food Safety Departments in Australia.

Food Suppliers – Being a fine food supplier, we get food from all reputable suppliers, as generally, they operate under strict quality guidelines issued by Food Authorities of New South Wales.

Preparing Food – Notification of food business details, construction of facilities, labeling and food handling requirements of the Food Act 2003 apply equally to the preparation of food for sale from a home kitchen. They also apply to pre-packaged and low-risk produce and foods.

Transport of Food to events – All food and packaging for the event must be transported by vehicle so that dust, pests and other likely sources of contamination are excluded. Whole fruits and vegetables and grains which are to be further processed generally do not need to be transported under temperature control.

Food Storage – Food business operators must ensure that all foods are stored so that they are protected from likely contamination, and that the environmental conditions will not adversely affect the safety or suitability of the food. There must be separately located storage facilities for items such as chemicals, clothing and personal belongings, which may fine food products or food contact surfaces.

Get your supply of fine food products from your certified supplier “Takin”.

Which Fruits and Vegetables Offer Best Value When Purchased Frozen?

Frozen food items have been staging a remarkable comeback throughout Australia. Their increased accessibility and convenience have made them hard to ignore for many consumers. The immense diversity of frozen foods means that you will always find something that suits your specific tastes and objectives. In addition, consuming frozen foods does not mean that you’re consuming foods with lower nutrition levels either. In fact, many people will opine that frozen fruits and vegetables pack a lot more nutrients in them than their fresher counterparts. Moreover, eating out or ordering a takeaway will inevitably cost you more than purchasing frozen produce. Portioning and preparing frozen foods can be easier as well. For these reasons, more and more people have been including various frozen food items in their diets.

Some of the most popular frozen produce that people typically purchase include:

  • Raspberries: Farmers typically pick these berries and freeze them at peak levels of freshness. So, when you purchase them, you will get berries filled with all the nutrients they contain.
  • Broccoli: Many people will be aware that broccoli contains a myriad of nutrients. From calcium and fibre to vitamins C & A, it contains them all. But, if stored in the fridge for some days, it can lose its nutritional value. Therefore, buy frozen broccoli and use it in appropriate portions.
  • Spinach: Spinach ranks among the most nutritious green foods. However, it can deteriorate quickly and lose much of its nutritional value. Thus, buy frozen spinach and use it in all your meals. Frozen spinach will yield the same antioxidant, vitamin and mineral benefits that its fresher variety offers.
  • Blueberries: People often buy frozen blueberries rather than fresh ones. This will usually be the case because at the time of picking, the antioxidants present in the berries will freeze and thus, remain preserved. In contrast, transporting fresh blueberries across the country can cause the berries to lose their nutritional value.
  • Bell Peppers: Dietitians and health experts opine that frozen bell peppers contain more antioxidants and vitamin C than fresh ones. This will especially be so if the freezing takes place immediately after picking.
  • Avocado: Frozen avocadoes can be among the bestselling fine food products the world over. People typically like adding avocadoes to their smoothies. Alternatively, they use them in dressings and sauces. Waiting for fresh avocadoes to ripen can make them spoil. However, frozen varieties can help you get the desired creamy texture with minimal fuss.
  • Brussels Sprouts: These vegetables can be quite pricey. And, the price can increase even more significantly if these vegetables happen to be out-of-season. But, frozen varieties can be more affordable. Some people avoid defrosting brussels sprouts to prevent them from becoming watery or mushy. Instead, they roast them in olive oil for 30 – 40 minutes and brown them before use.
  • Carrots: You might find fresh carrots available in the markets throughout the year. But, these carrots will not last for long. After only a few days in the fridge, the carrots could begin losing their nutritional value. In contrast, farmers freeze carrots shortly after the harvest. Thus, they remain rich sources of fibre, vitamin A and beta-carotene nutrients.
  • Cauliflowers: This versatile vegetable can taste just as good when frozen as it does when fresh. However, purchasing frozen cauliflower can be more convenient and cheaper. The snap-freeze process locks all the nutrients inside the vegetable. So, you will get all the vitamin C benefits you need whenever you sauté, steam or boil the frozen cauliflower.

Besides the fruits and vegetables listed above, you could also find dozens of others on sale in your local supermarkets and big box stores. Reputed suppliers of frozen produce will also stock frozen peas, corn etc. By incorporating these fruits and vegetables in your diet, you can rest assured about giving your body the recommended amount of nutrients it requires.

For more information, visit Takin !

Dietary and Medicinal Benefits of Several Dried Herbs

Consuming dried herbs in your meals may help to prevent and manage your various health and dietary problems. As per research herbs plays vital role in helping your heart diseases, cancer and diabetes.

Best herbs for your Dietary Plans

  1. Dried Oregano: This rich in antioxidants herbs helps in fighting bacteria. Oregano contains certain compounds that have potent antibacterial properties. The compounds of this herb help in neutralizing free radical damage from cancer treatment radiations.
  1. Dried Leek: Leeks are the good source of dietary fibre, vitamin B6, iron and magnesium. It contains many flavonoid antioxidants. Reduce level of liver enzymes, which improve lipid profile by decreasing total cholesterol and triglyceride levels while raising good cholesterol levels.
  1. Dried Mint: Mint is popularly known for its dietary benefits for any food. Mint contains an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent called Rosmarinus acid. This has been studied for its effectiveness in relieving seasonal allergy symptoms especially.
  1. Dried Coriander: This helps in reducing bad cholesterol and promotes good cholesterol in the body. Rich in copper, zinc iron and other essential minerals that increase RBC and improve heart health.
  1. Dries Parsley: Parsley is a flowering plant. The two most common types are French curly leaf and Italian flat leaf. Today, it’s a one of the best culinary dried herbs. This is one of the fragrant herbs particularly rich in class of antioxidants. Most importantly Parsley is beneficially for bone health because it contains Vitamin K.
  1. Dried Basil: As a good source of magnesium, basil promotes blood flow and it promotes healthy eyesight. It has also been shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory in the same vein as aspirin and ibuprofen.

Hence, these days the consumption of dried herbs has increased due to awareness of their benefits among people. Therefore, most of the fine food suppliers in Australia are dealing in these types of herbs. One of them is TAKIN, who is well known for its all types of fine food products, especially dried herbs.  To know more, visit Takin Today!!

5 Reasons for Eateries to Source from Fine Food Suppliers

TAKIN | Fine Food Products


Running your own eatery is not easy. You need to provide high-quality food and also enable your business to expand. If you won’t, then surviving in this cut-throat completion will be difficult. A lot of eateries open each year and then close down. The reason is that their owners don’t plan out their business properly.

One of the most common reasons for this is improper supply management. Getting fine food products from trusted wholesale spice suppliers is essential to running a successful eatery. Here are 5 reasons you should consider sourcing from them.


Why buy direct from Frozen Fruit Vegetable Supplier?

  1. Reliability

Having reliable sources for your eatery’s supplies is crucial for success. If you work with wholesale spice suppliers then you can be sure that your eatery will get the right materials at all times. This will help you keep a steady kitchen and provide customers with the right food.


  1. Quality

When you are working with frozen fruit vegetable product, you really need a supplier you can trust with quality. Nothing gets any eatery’s reputation down more than serving low quality food. So, if you want to grow your eatery into a restaurant, then getting the right fine food suppliers is very important.


  1. Scaling

Most eateries grow quickly at first and then hit growth roadblocks. This is mostly because the eateries don’t have the right plan for scaling their business. Having fine food suppliers who can provide the best quality dried herbs and fine food products is the easiest way to ensure your food business scales evenly over a long time.


  1. Diversity

As your business grows, it is going to incorporate new foods. You will need new products you can use to make them. If you have a dried fruit supplier, then you can consider adding baking products to your menu. This is a great way to expand your business opportunities. But you can only do this if you have the right supplies. So, fixing that up should be your first consideration.


Takin Fine Foods: The Leading Fine Food Suppliers in Australia!

Takin Fine Foods is one of the best companies in Australia for fine food products. We are well-known wholesale spice suppliers and beans suppliers in the region. We also supply dried herbs and frozen fruit vegetable. Our services can help you grow your eatery or restaurant business at a perfect pace. Trust us to be your chosen food suppliers. Get in touch today!

Dried Fruit Supplier

3 Ways Dry Fruit Suppliers Can Benefit Your Baking Business

Dried Fruit Supplier


Bakeries are among the most regular users of dry fruits. If you have recently started a baking business, then procuring quality dried fruits from a trusted dry fruit supplier is very important. The garnishing on your baked products affects the overall taste a lot.

So, you need to find a quality dried fruit supplier who can support your business in the right way. If you think that buying these fine food products from a regular supplier is a good option, here are some reasons wholesale suppliers will serve you better:


3 Reasons Dried Fruit Suppliers Are Better for Bakeries


More Variety

Having an assortment of dried fruit in your baking shop is important for obvious reasons. The more variety you have, the more diverse and interesting your baking garnishing can be. That obviously is a great thing for bumping up sales and also selling special condiments. A choice in brands will also help you pick more quality dried fruit and this is something only dried fruit suppliers can do.


More Volume

The most easily visible benefit from getting dried fruit suppliers and wholesale spices suppliers is bulk purchases. Having dried fruit on hand is very important for flash sales or special occasions. You might also get specialized garnishing material through sunflower seed suppliers. Even under normal market situations, having a decent stock on hand can help you plan ahead for your daily workings. This is a perfect way to run your business and get the most from it.


More Value

Another great benefit you get when sourcing from dried fruit suppliers is value. Buying wholesale fine food products is a better choice than retail since all products are more affordable and you can also get speciality brands. If you buy retail, then you will not only be paying more for dried fruits but also getting less value for money. So, it is simply a better choice to go for trusted dried fruit suppliers such as Takin Fine Foods.


Where Can You Find the Best Dried Fruit Suppliers?

Takin Fine Foods is one of the most trusted fine food suppliers in Australia. We offer a wide range of brands and dried fruits. We also provide dried herbs and other fine food products at very competitive prices. We can also help your business grow by supporting it through its growth process. If you want to partner with a reliable dried fruit supplier then contact us now!

3 Reasons to Buy Directly From Trusted Dried Fruit Supplier


Dried fruits are among the most popular and protein rich foods in the world. They are used in all kinds of dishes and food preparations both commercially as well as in homes. Buying these food fine food products can prove to be quite expensive if you do it from a ordinary shop.

Choosing a trusted dried food supplier such as Takin Fine Foods in Australia is a better way to get all these fine food products as and when you want them. There are some other important benefits as well. Let’s have a look at what these are:


3 Benefits you get from Choosing a Direct Dried Fruit Supplier


Saving Money

Buying from an ordinary retailer is more expensive than buying anything wholesale. This also applies to all kinds of fine food products and dried herbs. If you want to save money, then you should consider buying directly from a reliable wholesaler. Not only can you buy more for less but you will also have knowledge of which suppliers are the best.

Choice of Products

Suppliers distribute to many retailers and not all of them keep all kinds of products. When you buy directly from a dried fruit supplier or wholesale spices suppliers, you get to choose from a variety of options. Further, the suppliers can tell you which other options they might have. This gives you more choices which save you money or get you rare products not otherwise available in regular retail stores. You can even make inquiries into specialized brands or products that might be available from wholesalers.

Extra Resource

Another direct benefit you can get from buying wholesale from fine food suppliers is that you are always going to have extra items on hand. This is better suited for those buyers who regularly use products and they need to have extras on hand. Also, it is much easier to decide on your financial spending on such items when you buy in bulk. Since you will mostly be buying at least a month or two of materials in one go you can allocate funds to it appropriately and plan ahead as well.


Takin Fine Foods: The leading Dried Fruit Supplier in Australia!


Takin Fine Foods is one of the most prominent fine food and dried fruit suppliers in Australia. We offer a huge selection of fine food items to choose from. Get the best dried herbs, wholesale spices and frozen fruit vegetables for your kitchen from us today!


Beans Suppliers: Why You Should Include Beans And Legumes On Your Daily Diet?

Beans Suppliers | Fine Food Suppliers | Persian Wholesaler

Is one of your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions is stay healthier? If yes, then, the beans suppliers suggestions of including beans and legumes to one’s daily diet is the best way to stay healthy and in good shape should be given priority. Here’s what could be missing if eating beans and legumes is still not part of your dietary meal planning.

Introduction to Beans and Legumes

Beans and legumes are among the bestsellers of fine food products suppliers. Why? Apart from their nutritional value when included to every household meals, beans and legumes have long shelf storage, meaning they don’t easily spoil when properly stored in tightly sealed containers or bought from reputable beans suppliers that comply with global packaging standards.  For those of you still not keen on eating beans and legumes, you are missing the health benefits these fine food products have to offer.

If you aren’t quite familiar with beans and legumes, both are rich in proteins. Beans are also classified as a family of the legumes including peas and lentils. Legumes originate from plant seeds and come in different types such as beans, black beans, black-eyed peas, navy beans and a lot more.

Why eating beans and legumes is beneficial for your overall health?

As mentioned by beans suppliers, fine food products such as beans and legumes have a high content of plant protein. Other nutrients that an individual will benefit from daily consumption of recommended servings of beans and legumes include fiber, vitamin B, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorous and zinc. For those individuals that need to maintain an ideal weight, eating beans and legumes are advised because they are low in fat. Aside from that, intake of beans and legumes have the same nutrients present in meat products such as protein, making them healthy choices in replacement of meat and other dairy products.

How are beans and legumes eaten?

Beans and legumes can be eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Both need to be cooked as per instruction of the beans suppliers cooking preparations and can be eaten either warm or cold. If you bought dried beans from your fine food products supplier, they need to be washed thoroughly, soaked for at least six hours prior to cooking.

What are the health benefits of beans and legumes?

Here are some of the health benefits that daily consumption of beans and legumes can guarantee:

  • Aid in the digestion process

Yes, if you don’t want to experience feeling bloated or constipation, eat more beans and legumes. Why? Both are high in soluble and insoluble fiber needed in proper digestion of food we eat which eventually promote regular bowel movement.

  • Lessen the hunger pangs

If your goal is to stay within your dietician’s suggested ideal weight based on your height, age and body built, then, beans and legumes would be good for weight watcher like you. Eating beans and legumes make you feel full at longer intervals. If this happens, you have a lesser tendency to gain weight because it delays the feeling of hunger.

  • Provide more vitamins

The vitamins found in beans and legumes include vitamin B6, thiamin, niacin and folate. All these components help convert the food we consume into needed energy. Aside from that, beans and legumes decrease the risk of acquiring heart diseases.

Where to purchase top quality beans and legumes in Australia?

If you live in any state of Australia, purchasing top quality beans and legumes is made a lot easier through the official website of Takin Fine Foods, a leading wholesaler of Persian and Mediterranean fine food products. Feel free to visit their official website for more information about products available including bulk orders for your grocery stores and restaurants.

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Everything You Need To Know About Dried Herbs In Your Kitchen

Chilli- Dried Herbs- Spices

Do you love to cook and explore different kinds of dishes all across the globe? If one of the ingredients found in your kitchen includes dried herbs, perhaps it’s about time you get to know more about them and how they can help you create delectable meals that loved ones would look forward. Remember dried herbs and spices could make a huge difference when used correctly at the right amount.

Definition of dried herbs

Before we dig into the meaning of dried herbs, let’s clarify for every homemaker and cooking enthusiast that herbs and spices are entirely different from one another. But, we often distinguish both having similarities in usage.

However, for your general information herbs mostly originate from plants or parts of plants and intended for medicinal use as well as adding flavour to any cooked meals. Herbs can be used either fresh or dried, whole or grounded into a powdery form that you will normally find from wholesale spices suppliers.

Spices are usually referred to as substances used mostly in cooking food to enhance the flavour of cooked dishes. Spices come from plants, bark or root of a plant variety including seeds, then, grounded or used in the whole form.

Popular types of dried herb

The most used dried herbs that can be found in any kitchen are the following:

  • Basil
  • Bay leaves
  • Parsley
  • Marjoram
  • Oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

Some dried herbs can be mixed with other types to create a distinctive taste. They are used in the whole form or finely grounded until they become powdery.

How are dried herbs stored?

The recommended storing of dried herbs is tight-sealed containers to retain their freshness for a longer period. These herbs should also be stored in a dry area and away from direct sunlight or source of heat. Top produced dried herbs supplied by reputable wholesale spices suppliers guarantee freshness that could last a year.

How to use dried herbs when cooking dishes?

Dried herbs are widely used in cooking dishes. The common practice when adding dried herbs in any chosen dish is at least ½ of whatever the recipe suggested. Once the dried herbs have fully absorbed with the other ingredients, you have the option to add more depending on how intense the flavour you wish to achieve.

Just a piece of advice to anyone using dried herbs for the first time, dried herbs should be soaked in water before adding to the dish, unlike fresh herbs that you can directly add straight. See to it that you don’t add the dried herbs at the last part of the cooking process if they aren’t soaked properly in water. Dried herbs are highly recommended for dishes that require a longer time to cook such as meat.

There you have some valuable information about dried herbs. If you want to learn more the varieties of dried herbs and spices suitable for various dishes, go and check the fine food products available at Takin, one of the leading wholesale spices suppliers in Australia.

Image Source – Pixabay

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Wholesale Spices Suppliers Offer a Myriad of Spices to Make Dishes Flavourful


Dried Herbs | Wholesale Spices Suppliers | Fine Food Products

Quality chefs and cooking connoisseurs the world over use spices of all kinds when preparing various dishes. These spices and herbs serve to enhance the flavour of the dish. For parents, who often fret over finding new ways to ensure that their children consume sufficient quantities of healthy food, spices can be a boon. Merely adding them to any dish can enhance its flavour considerably. At the same time, shopping for spices presents little difficulty too. Wholesale spices suppliers in the neighbourhood will inevitably have all the spices and herbs that you need in your kitchen.

Ginger and Cayenne Pepper – Two of the Top Spices Sold by Beans Suppliers in Australia

Herbs and spices invariably have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The former eliminate radicals that damage cells and cause inflammations. The latter serve to turn off genes that trigger inflammatory proteins or processes. These properties make them essential for using in kitchens. For instance, ginger contains gingerols, paradols and shogaols.

The action of these substances attacks inflammation and pain. In addition, it soothes sore muscles and throats and reduces fatigue. Many wholesale spices suppliers in Australia stock cayenne peppers. These peppers contain a compound called capsaicin. This compound comes into widespread use in pain-relieving ointments and creams. It depletes the nerve cells of chemicals that transmit pain signals to the brain.

Use Turmeric and Cinnamon to Add Zing to Your Dishes

Suppliers of fine food products and spices the world over will have huge stocks of cinnamon and turmeric. The use of these spices has become quite widespread over the years for various reasons. Turmeric contains a potent antioxidant called curcumin. This substance gives the spice its yellow colour. In addition, it serves to reduce inflammation and inhibit the growth of tumour cells in various types of cancers.

Moreover, turmeric has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties too. Similarly, cinnamon possesses various antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can provide protection from cancer by blocking growth factors leading to abnormal cell growth. And, it can activate insulin receptors, thereby lowering blood sugar levels in diabetic people.

If you need quality fine food products for your kitchen, simply shop at Takin Fine Foods. We specialise in stocking all kinds of fine foods from Iran and the Middle East. Unlike other suppliers, we do not merely stock beans, lentils, dried fruits etc. We stock frozen fruits, vegetables, seafood, chicken etc. as well. To view our range of products, click here.

Stock Up On Nuts And Seeds From Your Local Sunflower Seeds Supplier

sunflower seeds

Usually, people will not think twice about purchasing various equipment to stay healthy. However, many of these individuals will pay scant attention to eating healthy. So, they will consume all kinds of snacks and food products, not all of which will be healthy.

Thereafter, they will visit their gyms and work out to improve fitness levels. In some cases, they might even consume vitamin or mineral supplements each day. But, the path to healthy living can be a lot easier.

Consuming various nuts and seeds could be far more beneficial than consuming vitamin pills. The local sunflower seeds suppliers will invariably stock a myriad of nuts and seeds. These food products pack a lot of nutritious content in their tiny forms. In addition, carrying them about your person and consuming them while on the go remains very easy as well.

Nuts and Seeds Make Fine Food Products in Terms of their Nutritious Value

For the uninitiated, nuts and seeds denote the embryos of plants, bushes and trees. People plant seeds in their fields to grow trees that will bear fruit. Some fruits and vegetables contain seeds within them to continue the cycle.

Thus, if seeds can lead to the growth of healthy trees and plants, they will contain all the necessary nutrients needed for making this possible. This fact highlights why consuming seeds can be so beneficial to one’s health.

Increasing awareness levels of the health benefits of nuts and seeds has made many sunflower seeds suppliers stock up on these products. Many of these suppliers will stock an enviable range of seeds and nuts, which offer manifold benefits. For instance, pistachios can be good sources of proteins and potassium. S

esame seeds contain a lot of calcium. Walnuts remain rich in alpha linoleic acid, an essential fat, besides various antioxidants. So, incorporating some seeds and nuts in your diet could make you feel healthier.

Enhance Your Protein Intake by Eating Nuts and Seeds Regularly

Suppliers of various fine food products will also stock a diverse selection of nuts and seeds. From sunflower seeds to almonds, they will have it all. You could consult these sunflower seeds suppliers about the kinds of nuts and seeds that you should consume regularly.

They will be able to offer various suggestions. However, nuts and seeds can be good sources of proteins. In terms of protein content, hemp and pumpkin seeds rank quite highly, followed by sunflower seeds and almonds.

Sunflower Seeds Suppliers Stock Nuts and Seeds Rich in Fibre and Healthy Fats

Like several other plant foods, nuts and seeds contain large quantities of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These fats play a vital role in regulating the cholesterol levels in the blood. They can have a positive effect on your appetite as well. Similarly, nuts and seeds can be very good sources of dietary fibre. Many of these seeds and nuts contain fibre and plant sterols that reduce the re-absorption of cholesterol significantly.

Since 2006, Takin Fine Foods has been a premier provider of some of the finest food products and ingredients in Australia. As an established Iranian wholesaler, we import and distribute an assortment of dried fine foods. From seeds to confectionary and grains to food colouring, we stock all kinds of food products. Click here to check out what’s in stock.

Image Source – Pixabay

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A Sunflower Seeds Supplier Offers Both Salted and Unsalted Seeds

Sunflower Seeds | Sunflower Seeds Supplier

A sunflower seeds supplier will provide you with the choice of unsalted or salted seeds. The flavor in your seeds will vary based on whether you are adding salt to them or you go without.

Salt can be added to fine food products to preserve the flavors of seeds and to keep them dry. This is ideal for when you’re planning on enjoying these seeds on your own without any extra accompaniment.

You can also find unsalted seeds for when you need to add something to a recipe. Unsalted seeds are ideal for a salad. They may also be diced and added onto some meat-based entrees if you prefer to use them that way.

It is up to you to figure out if you prefer salted or unsalted sunflower seeds. Takin Fine Foods is a sunflower seeds supplier that you can contact when you’re looking for the best seeds for your use.

Dried Fruits Are Attractive Fine Food Products From a Persian Wholesaler

dried-fruits Dried fruits are appealing for their sweet flavors and for how long they can last. You can find these fruits from an Iranian or Persian wholesaler who offers many useful fruits for your use.

These fine food products are prepared by removing the water content from fruit. The fruit is sliced up and is dried. In most cases, the fruits are dried naturally through the sun’s heat. Sometimes a dehydrator is used, but the best dried fruits are prepared through natural processes.

The dried fruits you can find include everything from apricots to figs to plums. Traditional Persian fruits like sultanas, Zahdi dates, and barberries can be dried up too. Many of these fruits can be paired with nuts to produce a healthy mix of flavors.

You will love how sweet dried fruits taste. See what Takin Fine Foods has when you’re looking for these fine food products for your use from a dried fruit supplier.

Image Source- Pixabay

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Candied Sugar Is a Great Treat From an Iranian Wholesaler

Candied Sugar

Candied sugar has become a popular treat throughout the world, but the candy got its origins in Iran. You can find candied sugar through an Iranian wholesaler right now.

Candied sugar has been made in Iran since at least the ninth century. Sugar mixtures are cooled off to create sturdy crystals. Some added flavours are included in these mixtures, but sometimes these fine food products can be enjoyed without any flavorings.

The compound can be mixed well with floral essences to produce a nice scent. Small wood sticks are also used to improve upon how well sugar crystals can solidify and stay strong.

The shapes of each crystal will vary throughout the mix. You can find some attractive shapes in most cases, although you should always be careful when consuming the crystals.

You will love great candied sugar treats offered by an Iranian wholesaler. See what Takin Fine Foods has to offer for your candied sugar needs.

Image Source- Pixabay