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Sunflower Seed Supplier: Secrets Revealed On Eating Sunflower Seeds Daily


Are you conscious about staying fit and healthy? If one of your eating goals include staying away from junk food and consuming more healthy foods, then, start eating sunflower seeds daily. Why? Below are the top five secrets revealed by the sunflower seed supplier on this powerful seed.

Excellent source of Vitamin E

We all need food products that have antioxidants and among them is the sunflower seed. Sunflower seeds are proven to be rich in Vitamin E and it’s a fact that Vitamin E is an antioxidant agent that can help decrease health problems due to inflammation such as asthma, arthritis including cancer. So, make it a habit to have at least ¼ cup of servings of sunflower seeds to get most of the needed Vitamin E.

On the go healthy snack

If you are always on the go and prefer nibbling health snacks sunflower seeds will surely won’t let you down. According to the Persian Wholesaler of fine food products sunflower seeds are becoming popular as on the go healthy snacks because they provide you the needed daily dose of protein, fiber and good fat without making you fat. Aside from that, these seeds can be easily packed and stored inside your bag without consuming much of space. You can carry them anywhere you go whenever you feel like having a quick snack. For people afraid of having an allergic reaction for eating sunflower seeds, worry no more because these seeds won’t trigger allergies.

Contain trace minerals

Trace minerals are responsible for the overall function of our bodies from cell growth to balanced hormones. Daily consumption of the recommended ¼ cup servings of sunflower seeds in our meals can improve our health. The trace minerals that we can get from sunflower seeds include copper, iron, magnesium, manganese and selenium.

Perfectly blend with any dish

Yes, sunflower seeds according to the sunflower seed supplier are very versatile because they can go well with any dish of the day. You can mix sunflower seeds with your bowl of cereals or oatmeal. During snack time sunflower seeds can be eaten alone because they are portable to carry.

Provide you good fat

One of the health benefits of eating sunflower seeds that the sunflower seed supplier mentioned is the good fat. Sunflower seeds contain polyunsaturated fats, particularly the linoleic acid or commonly known as Omega-6. Omega-6 plays an important role in our system because it helps our cardiovascular health, cholesterol levels at normal range and hair and skin looking radiant.

Are you now convinced to give sunflower seeds a fair trial? If in need of a regular supply of fine food products such as beans, sunflower seeds and other herbs, why not contact Takin, a trusted Persian wholesaler operating in Australia. Get more of your sunflower seeds by exploring different recipes.


Find Mustard Seeds From Wholesale Spices Suppliers

Wholesale Spices Suppliers

The choices you have to work with when you contact wholesale spices suppliers are diverse, but you should look at what you can get out of mustard seeds. These are seeds that come from a mustard plant.

A mustard seed can be found in many colours, including white and black. The seed is prominent for offering a slight scent while adding a tangy flavour to many entrees. The seeds can be ground during the preparation of a meal to add an added taste to any meal. The process of adding the seeds is similar to what you would get out of adding dried herbs.

A Persian wholesaler can help you get mustard seeds in many tones. The black mustard seed is a littler sharper in flavour. A white seed is larger in size and isn’t too intense, but it still adds the distinct tang that the seeds are known for.

Ask Takin Fine Foods for information on how mustard seeds can work for your entrees.

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Fine Food Suppliers Make Foods With Many Flours



Flour is diverse for how the ingredient can be made off of various bases. Fine food suppliers offer various flours while also making many foods, including baked goods, with a vast assortment of flours.

Today’s flours from a Persian wholesaler include choices like chickpea flour, rice flour, corn flour, and heera atta flour among other options. Each has a unique flavour, but each works in the same way to produce the best textures possible for various foods.

Some flours from fine food suppliers include ones that feature different textures. You can find some flours in a fine texture that is more flexible and easier to spread. You can also get some flours with thicker grit designs. The grits may be useful for a basic breakfast meal when cooked properly.

Talk with Takin Fine Foods to see how you can find various flours. The choices you have for flour are very appealing.

Image Source – Pixabay

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Dried Fruits Are Attractive Fine Food Products From a Persian Wholesaler

dried-fruits Dried fruits are appealing for their sweet flavors and for how long they can last. You can find these fruits from an Iranian or Persian wholesaler who offers many useful fruits for your use.

These fine food products are prepared by removing the water content from fruit. The fruit is sliced up and is dried. In most cases, the fruits are dried naturally through the sun’s heat. Sometimes a dehydrator is used, but the best dried fruits are prepared through natural processes.

The dried fruits you can find include everything from apricots to figs to plums. Traditional Persian fruits like sultanas, Zahdi dates, and barberries can be dried up too. Many of these fruits can be paired with nuts to produce a healthy mix of flavors.

You will love how sweet dried fruits taste. See what Takin Fine Foods has when you’re looking for these fine food products for your use from a dried fruit supplier.

Image Source- Pixabay

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Find Liteh Pickles From a Persian Wholesaler


The Liteh pickle is a popular type of pickle mixture found in Persian entrees. You can order Liteh pickle spreads from a Persian wholesaler today.

The Liteh pickle mix is made with a recipe that features eggplant, tarragon, pepper, black caraway seeds, basil, and celery. The mixture of dried herbs and other foods produces a beautiful accessory that goes with many other Persian or Mediterranean foods.

You can spread the Liteh pickle mixture on your plate as a side dish for traditional meats. The mixture adds a sweet and tangy flavor to any entrée you wish.

You can also find the pickle mixture prepared well with a fine texture. The mixture will be secured in a sturdy bottle to keep the content arranged quite well.

A Liteh pickle mixture will make any entrée stand out. Ask Takin Fine Foods to see what you can get out of the Liteh pickle.

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Beans Suppliers Offer Choices of All Kinds

Beans Suppliers | Fine Food Products

The options you have to choose from when shopping with beans suppliers are diverse. You will find many choices ranging from black eye and broad beans to moong dahl and kidney beans. Each bean is different in texture, colour and size.

The timing needed for cooking each type of bean varies by each choice. Some beans require an extra bit of time soaking and a little more heat to be prepared right. Don’t forget about how well you can mash some beans up.

You can get beans prepared for an extensive variety of recipes. But the choices you have should be analyzed based on your needs for a recipe, how much you need, and your general taste. The odds are you will find a bean from an Persian wholesaler that fits your desires.

Look around and compare beans to see what is right for you. Talk with Takin Fine Foods, if you need extra help.