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Sunflower Seeds Supplier: Everything about Eating Sunflower Seeds

Have you come across sunflower seeds being sold at your local supermarket? If you don’t know anything about sunflower seeds, perhaps it’s time to acquaint yourself. This shared post will surely reveal everything about sunflower seeds and why the sunflower seeds supplier recommended them as healthy snacks.

What are sunflower seeds?

According to the sunflower seeds supplier, these edible seeds originate from the sunflower plant called “Helianthus annuus”. Sunflower growers get the seeds from the flower heads. Each sunflower head can produce approximately 2,000 seeds. Generally, the sunflower seeds that you can buy from a sunflower seeds supplier still have shells in the black and white stripe. When roasted, sunflower seeds have a strong flavour.

Why are sunflower seeds considered as healthy snacks?

Most fine food suppliers suggest eating sunflower seeds during snack time because these tiny seeds contain nutrients good for the body such as Vitamin E and selenium. Both these nutrients are responsible for preserving the healthy cells of the body and decreasing the development of chronic illnesses. Sunflower seeds also contain plant compounds (phenolic acids and flavonoids) which act as antioxidants.

Other benefits that can be attributed to daily snacking of sunflower seeds are stable blood pressure, blood sugar levels including cholesterol.

Are there downsides for the daily intake of sunflower seeds?

The package labelling of sunflower seeds usually states the nutritional value per serving. The sunflower seeds supplier recommends reading carefully the ingredients. Eating sunflower seeds can provide us the nutrients, but, consuming more than the recommended serving can lead to some downsides. First, the shells of sunflower seeds when processed often have a salt coating. When opening the sunflower shell, a person will normally suck it prior to cracking to release the seed inside. Eating more than the daily suggested serving could result in more sodium intake which is bad for the kidneys.

Sunflower seeds can also be harmful to people with a history of nut allergies. Fine food suppliers advise anyone to be cautious when offering sunflower seeds because the recipient might have allergic reactions to any food with nut traces.

How to enjoy a pack of sunflower seeds?

If you bought sunflower seeds with shells on the best way is crack to open the shell and enjoy the seed. For shelled sunflower seeds that are sold at fine food suppliers, here’s a list of different options of eating them:

  • Include them on your homemade granola bars
  • Add on veggie salads
  • Put on your breakfast cereal or oatmeal
  • Use as a garnish on baked goodies like muffins, pastries, and bread
  • Sprinkle on your favourite smoothie

Final thoughts

Sunflower seeds are becoming healthy snack options. If you want to make sure the sunflower seeds you are buying underwent quality processing shop direct from sunflower seeds supplier. In case you live in Australia and prefer to outsource locally why not visit the official website of Takin, one of the most trusted Persian fine food suppliers selling a wide range of fine food products.

Stock Up On Nuts And Seeds From Your Local Sunflower Seeds Supplier

sunflower seeds

Usually, people will not think twice about purchasing various equipment to stay healthy. However, many of these individuals will pay scant attention to eating healthy. So, they will consume all kinds of snacks and food products, not all of which will be healthy.

Thereafter, they will visit their gyms and work out to improve fitness levels. In some cases, they might even consume vitamin or mineral supplements each day. But, the path to healthy living can be a lot easier.

Consuming various nuts and seeds could be far more beneficial than consuming vitamin pills. The local sunflower seeds suppliers will invariably stock a myriad of nuts and seeds. These food products pack a lot of nutritious content in their tiny forms. In addition, carrying them about your person and consuming them while on the go remains very easy as well.

Nuts and Seeds Make Fine Food Products in Terms of their Nutritious Value

For the uninitiated, nuts and seeds denote the embryos of plants, bushes and trees. People plant seeds in their fields to grow trees that will bear fruit. Some fruits and vegetables contain seeds within them to continue the cycle.

Thus, if seeds can lead to the growth of healthy trees and plants, they will contain all the necessary nutrients needed for making this possible. This fact highlights why consuming seeds can be so beneficial to one’s health.

Increasing awareness levels of the health benefits of nuts and seeds has made many sunflower seeds suppliers stock up on these products. Many of these suppliers will stock an enviable range of seeds and nuts, which offer manifold benefits. For instance, pistachios can be good sources of proteins and potassium. S

esame seeds contain a lot of calcium. Walnuts remain rich in alpha linoleic acid, an essential fat, besides various antioxidants. So, incorporating some seeds and nuts in your diet could make you feel healthier.

Enhance Your Protein Intake by Eating Nuts and Seeds Regularly

Suppliers of various fine food products will also stock a diverse selection of nuts and seeds. From sunflower seeds to almonds, they will have it all. You could consult these sunflower seeds suppliers about the kinds of nuts and seeds that you should consume regularly.

They will be able to offer various suggestions. However, nuts and seeds can be good sources of proteins. In terms of protein content, hemp and pumpkin seeds rank quite highly, followed by sunflower seeds and almonds.

Sunflower Seeds Suppliers Stock Nuts and Seeds Rich in Fibre and Healthy Fats

Like several other plant foods, nuts and seeds contain large quantities of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These fats play a vital role in regulating the cholesterol levels in the blood. They can have a positive effect on your appetite as well. Similarly, nuts and seeds can be very good sources of dietary fibre. Many of these seeds and nuts contain fibre and plant sterols that reduce the re-absorption of cholesterol significantly.

Since 2006, Takin Fine Foods has been a premier provider of some of the finest food products and ingredients in Australia. As an established Iranian wholesaler, we import and distribute an assortment of dried fine foods. From seeds to confectionary and grains to food colouring, we stock all kinds of food products. Click here to check out what’s in stock.

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A sunflower seeds supplier will provide you with the choice of unsalted or salted seeds. The flavor in your seeds will vary based on whether you are adding salt to them or you go without.

Salt can be added to fine food products to preserve the flavors of seeds and to keep them dry. This is ideal for when you’re planning on enjoying these seeds on your own without any extra accompaniment.

You can also find unsalted seeds for when you need to add something to a recipe. Unsalted seeds are ideal for a salad. They may also be diced and added onto some meat-based entrees if you prefer to use them that way.

It is up to you to figure out if you prefer salted or unsalted sunflower seeds. Takin Fine Foods is a sunflower seeds supplier that you can contact when you’re looking for the best seeds for your use.