Chilli- Dried Herbs- Spices

Which Dried Herbs Do Australians Love to Use While Cooking?

Chilli- Dried Herbs- Spices

It goes without saying that herbs and spices rank among the most prized food ingredients for people the world over. Professional chefs will undoubtedly know the value that these food ingredients offer. However, even the average Australian will be aware of the subtle manner in which these ingredients can make a simple dish acquire a distinctive flavour. In terms of convenience, not many food ingredients can offer comparable levels of taste as dried herbs.

Similarly, in terms of value, dried herbs can be hard to beat too. To cite an example, you will inevitably use a lesser proportion of dried herbs in a dish as opposed to its fresher variety. This will usually be the case because dried herbs feature superior concentration in taste than their fresher counterparts. Thus, you’ll easily be able to make a bland and boring dish more delicious and jazzier with the use of some commonly available dried herbs.


Some of the most commonly used dried herbs in Australia include:

  • Dill: The fragrance of fresh dill can be quite compelling. However, when you cannot lay your hands on fresh dill, opt for its dried form instead. Using dried dill can make any dish incredibly aromatic and flavourful.


  • Oregano: For many people, dried oregano offers better value than its fresh variety. Spices and beans suppliers will invariably stock dried oregano and other dried herbs. Dried oregano often comes into use when preparing Mexican and Italian dishes.


  • Bay Leaves: Bay leaves can be among the most easily identifiable herbs sold in the markets nowadays. Adding them to any dish can enhance its flavour by several notches. This can be especially so when preparing stocks, stews, soups and braises. A few bay leaves can imbue these preparations with a mellow sweetness.


  • Thyme: Many Australians prefer using fresh sprigs of thyme for flavouring an assortment of dishes. However, when you cannot find fresh thyme, consider using its dried version instead. This multi-purpose herb can impart a distinctive flavour to soups and casseroles alike.


  • Sage: In its dried form, sage comes in two varieties – powdered and rubbed. If you truly want to bring out the flavour of sage in your dishes, consider using the rubbed or crumbled variety. It can be worth mentioning that dried sage will lack the aroma and flavour that its fresher form features. But, it still complements a variety of dishes including meat-based dishes.


  • Rosemary: Chefs often use rosemary for imbuing slow-cooked dishes with a pine-like fragrance. In particular, this dried herb comes into use in stews, braises, Italian soups etc. However, it can be best to chop dried rosemary prior to using it in your dishes. Otherwise, you could end up with a dish that features spiky rosemary leaves in it.


  • Mint: The contemporary popularity of Middle Eastern cuisine has brought the use of dried mint in cooking back in vogue. Like its fresher form, dried mint can overpower the flavour of the dish quite easily. Hence, consider using it sparingly.

For more information, contact us at TAKIN today.


Frozen Sour Cherry | Frozen Fruit Vegetable

Iranian wholesaler – Reasons to buy frozen fruits and veggies

Frozen Sour Cherry | Frozen Fruit Vegetable


A number of studies have shown that there is minimal difference in the nutrient content of frozen fruits and veggies versus fresh produce and in some instances frozen has more nutrients intact than fresh. Iranian wholesaler offer both fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. The options are galore and you would definitely have a lot to choose from.

Frozen fruits offered by Iranian wholesaler are generally picked at peak ripeness when they are most nutritious and the freezing process helps in locking the nutrients. The long shelf life of frozen fruits means there would be less spoilage and food waste.

One study found that people who purchase frozen fruits and veggies from Iranian wholesaler consume significantly more produce than those who don’t buy frozen. It also helps in keeping the grocery bills down. One can enjoy frozen fruits and veggies bought from Iranian wholesaler and enjoy whenever they are ready unlike having the pressure of consuming it all within a short period.

For more information, contact us at Takin today.

Frozen Okra | Frozen Fruit Vegetable

When Should You Use Dried Herb And Fresh Herb?


Frozen Dill | Dried Herbs

Are you curious as to when to use dried herb and fresh herb? According to professional chefs, the fresh herb has a more distinct flavor than dried herb. The composition of herbs includes compounds such as aldehyde, hydrocarbons, ketones, and phenois. These compounds are exposed to external elements that can affect the consistency of their original flavor. Among these elements is exposed to high temperature for a prolonged period and processes during cooking. So, when to use herbs?

Fresh Herb

Fresh herb is usually added during the final stage of cooking. In fact, professional chefs and cooks add fresh herb as garnishing on a dish. The commonly used fresh herb varieties that are added on cooked dishes are basil, chervil, chives, cilantro, mint, parsley and tarragon.

Fresh herbs are mostly available at your local farmer or supermarket while dried herb is bought from a wholesaler of spices and herbs. You can also plant your own herb garden and enjoy freshly picked herbs. The right timing to add fresh herb on any dish at during the simmering phase and must not go beyond 45 minutes to ensure it retains the original flavour of the fresh herb.

Dried Herb

Similar to frozen fruits vegetable dried herb also has the same nutritional value as their fresh counterparts. Dried herb products are best when added at the early stage of cooking. Why? The cooking process will allow the flavour of dried herb to perfectly blend with the rest of the ingredients, creating a more flavourful dish.

If you will compare the prices of dried herb from freshly harvested herb it’s a lot cheaper for dried herb, especially if you buy from a wholesaler. Another advantage of using dried herb instead of fresh herb is that it’s more convenient to acquire and use. Among the types of herbs that have distinct flavour when in dried form are bay leaves, oregano, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Before you cooking take time to read carefully the recipe’s requirement on herbs, whether dried herb or fresh herb. If the recipe suggests using the dried herb, then, follow this advice strictly. However, if the recipe mentioned using only fresh herb for the frozen fruits vegetable dish to improve the overall taste, then, add this at the final stage of the cooking process.

Dried herb can provide the same distinct flavour to any cooked dish is you just follow the step-by-step cooking procedure. Be sure to buy your dried herb at a reputable supplier or wholesaler of dried herbs and spices. If you wish to source locally your bulk orders of dried herbs in Australia contact the representative at Takin, a leading supplier and wholesaler of Persian and Mediterranean fine food products including frozen fruits vegetable products.

Sunflower Seed Supplier: Secrets Revealed On Eating Sunflower Seeds Daily


Are you conscious about staying fit and healthy? If one of your eating goals include staying away from junk food and consuming more healthy foods, then, start eating sunflower seeds daily. Why? Below are the top five secrets revealed by the sunflower seed supplier on this powerful seed.

Excellent source of Vitamin E

We all need food products that have antioxidants and among them is the sunflower seed. Sunflower seeds are proven to be rich in Vitamin E and it’s a fact that Vitamin E is an antioxidant agent that can help decrease health problems due to inflammation such as asthma, arthritis including cancer. So, make it a habit to have at least ¼ cup of servings of sunflower seeds to get most of the needed Vitamin E.

On the go healthy snack

If you are always on the go and prefer nibbling health snacks sunflower seeds will surely won’t let you down. According to the Persian Wholesaler of fine food products sunflower seeds are becoming popular as on the go healthy snacks because they provide you the needed daily dose of protein, fiber and good fat without making you fat. Aside from that, these seeds can be easily packed and stored inside your bag without consuming much of space. You can carry them anywhere you go whenever you feel like having a quick snack. For people afraid of having an allergic reaction for eating sunflower seeds, worry no more because these seeds won’t trigger allergies.

Contain trace minerals

Trace minerals are responsible for the overall function of our bodies from cell growth to balanced hormones. Daily consumption of the recommended ¼ cup servings of sunflower seeds in our meals can improve our health. The trace minerals that we can get from sunflower seeds include copper, iron, magnesium, manganese and selenium.

Perfectly blend with any dish

Yes, sunflower seeds according to the sunflower seed supplier are very versatile because they can go well with any dish of the day. You can mix sunflower seeds with your bowl of cereals or oatmeal. During snack time sunflower seeds can be eaten alone because they are portable to carry.

Provide you good fat

One of the health benefits of eating sunflower seeds that the sunflower seed supplier mentioned is the good fat. Sunflower seeds contain polyunsaturated fats, particularly the linoleic acid or commonly known as Omega-6. Omega-6 plays an important role in our system because it helps our cardiovascular health, cholesterol levels at normal range and hair and skin looking radiant.

Are you now convinced to give sunflower seeds a fair trial? If in need of a regular supply of fine food products such as beans, sunflower seeds and other herbs, why not contact Takin, a trusted Persian wholesaler operating in Australia. Get more of your sunflower seeds by exploring different recipes.


Wholesaler Spices Suppliers: Common Mistakes When Adding Seasoning

Adding seasoning is one of the secret ingredients that will make each dish tasteful. According to wholesaler spices suppliers, the most used seasonings are dried herbs, black pepper and ground spices. Mistakes may arise while adding these seasonings and ruin any cooked dish. For newbie cooks out there trying to master every recipe read the following mistakes.

Mistake #1 – Forgetting to taste the food while cooking

Even professional chefs take time to taste each dish they prepare. A cooked dish may have a bad taste such as too salty, too spicy or very bland if the cook forgot to taste it while cooking. So, to avoid a disaster from arising on your cooked dishes make it habit to taste after adding spices, dried herbs, salt or pepper. Any seasoning added in little or larger amounts can make a huge impact on the overall taste of the cooked food.

Mistake #2 – Adding pre-grounded pepper

Although, it would be very convenient to use pre-grounded pepper for dishes the effect of adding black pepper freshly grounded is extremely distinguishable. Why? Pre-grounded pepper may lose its consistency, especially when mass produced. When you do the actual grinding of black peppercorns bought from a fine food supplier, it will deliver a more flavourful taste than with pre-grounded pepper. The rule of thumb, especially when cooking steaks is always grind black peppercorns and use the right amount to get the most of its spiciness.

Mistake #3 – Using stale seasonings

Based on the experience of wholesaler spices suppliers the pre-grounded spices may not deliver the same distinct flavour that freshly grounded spices can offer to any cooked dish. Besides, pre-grounded spices including dried herbs can go stale when stored for ages and have the tendency to lose their flavourings because the essential oils have already evaporated. If you don’t want to commit this same mistake of using stale seasonings when cooking, better buy only what you need from your trusted fine food supplier and invest on a grinder for grinding your dried herbs and spices.

Cooking in the kitchen can be truly challenging, especially to someone who is just learning how to cook. However, if you are equipped with the right cooking tools, best ingredients such as dried herbs and spices from a credible fine food supplier and right information on how much seasoning to add, then, nothing can go wrong. For sure, the result of your hard work and patience is cooking a dish that every member of the household or guest would love having more.

For bulk orders of different kinds of seasoning ingredients, feel free to contact Takin and discover how each type of seasoning can provide a delectable taste on any cooked dish. Surprise your loved ones with yummy and delectable dishes straight from your kitchen. Be sure to use as reference the above mistakes and avoid committing them while learning new dishes.

Are Frozen Fruits And Vegetables Good For You?


Frozen Mixed Vegetables | Frozen Fruit Vegetable | Persian Wholesaler
Mixed Vegetable (Green Beans, Carrots, Green Peas)

We have been completely aware that any fruit or veggie eaten fresh is healthy. However, the popularity of eating frozen fruits and vegetables have rapidly influenced the lifestyles of busy individuals and homemakers. This is why the big question “Are frozen fruits and vegetable products good? Below are some of the reasons that will tell that frozen fruits and vegetables are still a wise choice.

Reason #1 – Harvested from their ripening stage

This is one of the reasons why frozen fruits and vegetable products are still in huge demand because they are harvested at their peak, meaning the fruits and vegetables are allowed to ripe to their fullest form first, then, picked and frozen. The freezing process already acts as a natural preserving method to retain the natural nutrients, minerals, and vitamins without the use of artificial preservatives. Fruits and vegetables sold fresh in the market and supermarkets have the tendency to lose their nutritional value due to artificial ripening that happens during the deliveries.

Reason #2 – No presence of artificial preservatives

As mentioned the frozen fruits and vegetable products are immediately frozen after harvesting. What does this imply? It simply means that no artificial preservatives are used to retain their freshness, unlike the fresh fruits and veggies where they need to be treated with preservatives to prevent spoilage.

Reason #3 – Ready for consumption

Yes, whenever you buy frozen fruits and vegetable products you can already enjoy them after thawing. No need to wash them thoroughly. This is indeed less tiring, especially after a long day at work or school unlike, their fresh counterparts where you need to spend some time washing, drying and cutting before you can eat them. Frozen fruits and veggies shorten the preparation process, making the lives of homemakers and busy people less complicated.

Reason #4 – No added sugar or sodium

Among the reasons why many are buying frozen fresh fruits and vegetable is due to the fact that these frozen products are frozen without add-ons like sugar or sodium. So, if you worry about adding ingredients to them such as spices or dried herb, then, you are free to add anything because the frozen fruits or vegetable products original taste will perfectly blend.

Reason #5 – Privilege to eat any fruit or veggie anytime

Fresh fruits and veggies sold in the market may become limited, especially if they are not in season. With frozen fruits and vegetables you have the luxury to eat any of their varieties regardless of the season. Imagine enjoying a bowl of frozen strawberries all year-round straight from your grocery bag.

Are you still having doubts about buying frozen fruits and vegetable products? If yes, go and read carefully the above reasons and for sure you will definitely be a regular customer of the frozen fruits and veggies. If you want to know more where to order quality produced fresh frozen fruits, vegetable or dried herb, contact the representative at Takin, a reputable wholesaler and supplier of fine food products in Australia.

Beans Suppliers: Why You Should Include Beans And Legumes On Your Daily Diet?

Beans Suppliers | Fine Food Suppliers | Persian Wholesaler

Is one of your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions is stay healthier? If yes, then, the beans suppliers suggestions of including beans and legumes to one’s daily diet is the best way to stay healthy and in good shape should be given priority. Here’s what could be missing if eating beans and legumes is still not part of your dietary meal planning.

Introduction to Beans and Legumes

Beans and legumes are among the bestsellers of fine food products suppliers. Why? Apart from their nutritional value when included to every household meals, beans and legumes have long shelf storage, meaning they don’t easily spoil when properly stored in tightly sealed containers or bought from reputable beans suppliers that comply with global packaging standards.  For those of you still not keen on eating beans and legumes, you are missing the health benefits these fine food products have to offer.

If you aren’t quite familiar with beans and legumes, both are rich in proteins. Beans are also classified as a family of the legumes including peas and lentils. Legumes originate from plant seeds and come in different types such as beans, black beans, black-eyed peas, navy beans and a lot more.

Why eating beans and legumes is beneficial for your overall health?

As mentioned by beans suppliers, fine food products such as beans and legumes have a high content of plant protein. Other nutrients that an individual will benefit from daily consumption of recommended servings of beans and legumes include fiber, vitamin B, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorous and zinc. For those individuals that need to maintain an ideal weight, eating beans and legumes are advised because they are low in fat. Aside from that, intake of beans and legumes have the same nutrients present in meat products such as protein, making them healthy choices in replacement of meat and other dairy products.

How are beans and legumes eaten?

Beans and legumes can be eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Both need to be cooked as per instruction of the beans suppliers cooking preparations and can be eaten either warm or cold. If you bought dried beans from your fine food products supplier, they need to be washed thoroughly, soaked for at least six hours prior to cooking.

What are the health benefits of beans and legumes?

Here are some of the health benefits that daily consumption of beans and legumes can guarantee:

  • Aid in the digestion process

Yes, if you don’t want to experience feeling bloated or constipation, eat more beans and legumes. Why? Both are high in soluble and insoluble fiber needed in proper digestion of food we eat which eventually promote regular bowel movement.

  • Lessen the hunger pangs

If your goal is to stay within your dietician’s suggested ideal weight based on your height, age and body built, then, beans and legumes would be good for weight watcher like you. Eating beans and legumes make you feel full at longer intervals. If this happens, you have a lesser tendency to gain weight because it delays the feeling of hunger.

  • Provide more vitamins

The vitamins found in beans and legumes include vitamin B6, thiamin, niacin and folate. All these components help convert the food we consume into needed energy. Aside from that, beans and legumes decrease the risk of acquiring heart diseases.

Where to purchase top quality beans and legumes in Australia?

If you live in any state of Australia, purchasing top quality beans and legumes is made a lot easier through the official website of Takin Fine Foods, a leading wholesaler of Persian and Mediterranean fine food products. Feel free to visit their official website for more information about products available including bulk orders for your grocery stores and restaurants.

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Everything You Need To Know About Dried Herbs In Your Kitchen

Chilli- Dried Herbs- Spices

Do you love to cook and explore different kinds of dishes all across the globe? If one of the ingredients found in your kitchen includes dried herbs, perhaps it’s about time you get to know more about them and how they can help you create delectable meals that loved ones would look forward. Remember dried herbs and spices could make a huge difference when used correctly at the right amount.

Definition of dried herbs

Before we dig into the meaning of dried herbs, let’s clarify for every homemaker and cooking enthusiast that herbs and spices are entirely different from one another. But, we often distinguish both having similarities in usage.

However, for your general information herbs mostly originate from plants or parts of plants and intended for medicinal use as well as adding flavour to any cooked meals. Herbs can be used either fresh or dried, whole or grounded into a powdery form that you will normally find from wholesale spices suppliers.

Spices are usually referred to as substances used mostly in cooking food to enhance the flavour of cooked dishes. Spices come from plants, bark or root of a plant variety including seeds, then, grounded or used in the whole form.

Popular types of dried herb

The most used dried herbs that can be found in any kitchen are the following:

  • Basil
  • Bay leaves
  • Parsley
  • Marjoram
  • Oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

Some dried herbs can be mixed with other types to create a distinctive taste. They are used in the whole form or finely grounded until they become powdery.

How are dried herbs stored?

The recommended storing of dried herbs is tight-sealed containers to retain their freshness for a longer period. These herbs should also be stored in a dry area and away from direct sunlight or source of heat. Top produced dried herbs supplied by reputable wholesale spices suppliers guarantee freshness that could last a year.

How to use dried herbs when cooking dishes?

Dried herbs are widely used in cooking dishes. The common practice when adding dried herbs in any chosen dish is at least ½ of whatever the recipe suggested. Once the dried herbs have fully absorbed with the other ingredients, you have the option to add more depending on how intense the flavour you wish to achieve.

Just a piece of advice to anyone using dried herbs for the first time, dried herbs should be soaked in water before adding to the dish, unlike fresh herbs that you can directly add straight. See to it that you don’t add the dried herbs at the last part of the cooking process if they aren’t soaked properly in water. Dried herbs are highly recommended for dishes that require a longer time to cook such as meat.

There you have some valuable information about dried herbs. If you want to learn more the varieties of dried herbs and spices suitable for various dishes, go and check the fine food products available at Takin, one of the leading wholesale spices suppliers in Australia.

Image Source – Pixabay

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Wholesale Spices Suppliers Offer a Myriad of Spices to Make Dishes Flavourful


Dried Herbs | Wholesale Spices Suppliers | Fine Food Products

Quality chefs and cooking connoisseurs the world over use spices of all kinds when preparing various dishes. These spices and herbs serve to enhance the flavour of the dish. For parents, who often fret over finding new ways to ensure that their children consume sufficient quantities of healthy food, spices can be a boon. Merely adding them to any dish can enhance its flavour considerably. At the same time, shopping for spices presents little difficulty too. Wholesale spices suppliers in the neighbourhood will inevitably have all the spices and herbs that you need in your kitchen.

Ginger and Cayenne Pepper – Two of the Top Spices Sold by Beans Suppliers in Australia

Herbs and spices invariably have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The former eliminate radicals that damage cells and cause inflammations. The latter serve to turn off genes that trigger inflammatory proteins or processes. These properties make them essential for using in kitchens. For instance, ginger contains gingerols, paradols and shogaols.

The action of these substances attacks inflammation and pain. In addition, it soothes sore muscles and throats and reduces fatigue. Many wholesale spices suppliers in Australia stock cayenne peppers. These peppers contain a compound called capsaicin. This compound comes into widespread use in pain-relieving ointments and creams. It depletes the nerve cells of chemicals that transmit pain signals to the brain.

Use Turmeric and Cinnamon to Add Zing to Your Dishes

Suppliers of fine food products and spices the world over will have huge stocks of cinnamon and turmeric. The use of these spices has become quite widespread over the years for various reasons. Turmeric contains a potent antioxidant called curcumin. This substance gives the spice its yellow colour. In addition, it serves to reduce inflammation and inhibit the growth of tumour cells in various types of cancers.

Moreover, turmeric has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties too. Similarly, cinnamon possesses various antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can provide protection from cancer by blocking growth factors leading to abnormal cell growth. And, it can activate insulin receptors, thereby lowering blood sugar levels in diabetic people.

If you need quality fine food products for your kitchen, simply shop at Takin Fine Foods. We specialise in stocking all kinds of fine foods from Iran and the Middle East. Unlike other suppliers, we do not merely stock beans, lentils, dried fruits etc. We stock frozen fruits, vegetables, seafood, chicken etc. as well. To view our range of products, click here.

Three Types of Seeds to Buy Regularly from Your Local Sunflower Seeds Supplier

sunflower seed supplier

Rural folk and farmers often plant seeds in their farms and yards. Some of these yield flowers and fruits, while others produce a wide range of grains. Seeds denote crops at the very initial or nascent stage of lives.

They contain all the nutrients needed for the growth and development of healthy and resilient plants. Thus, it comes as no surprise that many of these seeds can be highly beneficial for human consumption.

Adding them to your diet could be a lot healthier than binging on various unhealthy snacks. In addition, shopping for these seeds does not pose any difficulties either. Your local sunflower seed supplier will easily be able to provide a diverse selection of seeds for you to indulge yourself.

Source Your Stock of Pumpkin Seeds from the Nearest Beans Supplier

Of late, seeds have become quite popular as superfoods. They typically contain high-quality proteins, essential vitamins, vital minerals and heart-healthy fat. Thus, they offer a simple and easy way for people to obtain the right levels of nutrition.

For instance, pumpkin seeds can be a great source of iron. The kernels of these seeds contain iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and vitamin K. For the uninitiated, vitamin K promotes optimal levels of bone strength. And, it facilitates healthy blood clotting as well.

Sunflower Seeds – An All-Time Favourite Snack for Many Australians

Sunflower seeds contain shelled kernels that contain vitamin E. This vitamin does not only maintain the strength and integrity of cellular membranes. Its antioxidant properties can be very useful as well. Dieticians often recommend vitamin E to people who want stronger hair and glowing skin.

However, the human body cannot absorb vitamin E without fat. Hence, people invariably visit the local sunflower seed supplier to make these seeds a part of their daily diet. Sunflower seeds also contain vitamin B6 and thiamine, which promote healthy metabolism.

Why You Must Make Flax Seeds a Part of Your Daily Diet

Flax seeds offer a perfect combination of heart-healthy fats and gut-strengthening fibre. They remain rich sources of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids. Beans suppliers often recommend these seeds to their customers because of their rich fibrous content. The fibres in flax seeds can prevent certain types of cancers. Equally significantly, they can reduce the levels of unhealthy cholesterol in the blood.

Since 2006, Takin Fine Foods has acquired a reputation for being one of the top sunflower seeds suppliers in Australia. We specialise in importing and distributing dried fine foods on a wholesale basis. From beans and lentils to seasoning boosters and flour, we stock them all. Click here to view our Sadaf food products.

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Relish The Best Frozen Fruits And Vegetables Without Losing Their Health Benefits

Frozen Fruit and Vegetable

Some Australians hold the view that frozen fruits and vegetables do not make desirable purchases. They feel that these products offer little nutritional value. In addition, they avoid purchasing these products because they fear the presence of harmful chemicals in these products used for prolonging their shelf-life.

But, these fears and doubts seldom have any factual basis. So, if you want to add fruits and vegetables to your diet, don’t think twice about purchasing frozen produce.

Frozen Food Products Do Not Lack Nutritional Value

Some people do not realise that farmers pick ‘fresh’ fruits and vegetables before they peak in ripeness. This minimises damage to the produce during the shipping process. At the same time, the earlier picking of the fruit and vegetables does not make them as rich in nutrients.

However, farmers pick frozen fruits and vegetables at their peak. After sterilising them to kill food-grade enzymes, farmers freeze these products to preserve their nutrient-rich state. Thus, you can rest assured about the nutritional value that frozen vegetables and fruits offer.

Frozen Vegetables and Fruits Taste as Good if Not Better Than Fresh Ones

Fine food suppliers across the country offer an enviable range of frozen food products. From fruits to vegetables, they have them all. It can be worth highlighting that frozen vegetables and fruits will taste as nice as their fresh counterparts. In some cases, they might even end up tasting better because the process of freezing preserves them at their peak levels of ripeness.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Can Be Relatively Cheaper and Easier to Shop For

Buying frozen vegetables and fruits can be quite convenient. Fresh fruits require lower humidity levels, while fresh vegetables need higher humidity levels. Without this, both can start losing their freshness and nutritional value. In contrast, maintaining frozen vegetables and fruits remains much easier. They will retain their nutritional value and freshness until you consume them. It can be worth mentioning that frozen food items will usually be less expensive than their fresh counterparts.

When it comes to fine food suppliers in Australia, don’t look beyond Takin Fine Foods. Since 2006, we have been giving many Australians access to some of the world’s finest food products and ingredients. From herbs and starches to canned foods and pickles, we stock an enviable range of food products. Check out our extensive range of products here.

Stock Up On Nuts And Seeds From Your Local Sunflower Seeds Supplier

sunflower seeds

Usually, people will not think twice about purchasing various equipment to stay healthy. However, many of these individuals will pay scant attention to eating healthy. So, they will consume all kinds of snacks and food products, not all of which will be healthy.

Thereafter, they will visit their gyms and work out to improve fitness levels. In some cases, they might even consume vitamin or mineral supplements each day. But, the path to healthy living can be a lot easier.

Consuming various nuts and seeds could be far more beneficial than consuming vitamin pills. The local sunflower seeds suppliers will invariably stock a myriad of nuts and seeds. These food products pack a lot of nutritious content in their tiny forms. In addition, carrying them about your person and consuming them while on the go remains very easy as well.

Nuts and Seeds Make Fine Food Products in Terms of their Nutritious Value

For the uninitiated, nuts and seeds denote the embryos of plants, bushes and trees. People plant seeds in their fields to grow trees that will bear fruit. Some fruits and vegetables contain seeds within them to continue the cycle.

Thus, if seeds can lead to the growth of healthy trees and plants, they will contain all the necessary nutrients needed for making this possible. This fact highlights why consuming seeds can be so beneficial to one’s health.

Increasing awareness levels of the health benefits of nuts and seeds has made many sunflower seeds suppliers stock up on these products. Many of these suppliers will stock an enviable range of seeds and nuts, which offer manifold benefits. For instance, pistachios can be good sources of proteins and potassium. S

esame seeds contain a lot of calcium. Walnuts remain rich in alpha linoleic acid, an essential fat, besides various antioxidants. So, incorporating some seeds and nuts in your diet could make you feel healthier.

Enhance Your Protein Intake by Eating Nuts and Seeds Regularly

Suppliers of various fine food products will also stock a diverse selection of nuts and seeds. From sunflower seeds to almonds, they will have it all. You could consult these sunflower seeds suppliers about the kinds of nuts and seeds that you should consume regularly.

They will be able to offer various suggestions. However, nuts and seeds can be good sources of proteins. In terms of protein content, hemp and pumpkin seeds rank quite highly, followed by sunflower seeds and almonds.

Sunflower Seeds Suppliers Stock Nuts and Seeds Rich in Fibre and Healthy Fats

Like several other plant foods, nuts and seeds contain large quantities of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These fats play a vital role in regulating the cholesterol levels in the blood. They can have a positive effect on your appetite as well. Similarly, nuts and seeds can be very good sources of dietary fibre. Many of these seeds and nuts contain fibre and plant sterols that reduce the re-absorption of cholesterol significantly.

Since 2006, Takin Fine Foods has been a premier provider of some of the finest food products and ingredients in Australia. As an established Iranian wholesaler, we import and distribute an assortment of dried fine foods. From seeds to confectionary and grains to food colouring, we stock all kinds of food products. Click here to check out what’s in stock.

Image Source – Pixabay

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Find Mustard Seeds From Wholesale Spices Suppliers

Wholesale Spices Suppliers

The choices you have to work with when you contact wholesale spices suppliers are diverse, but you should look at what you can get out of mustard seeds. These are seeds that come from a mustard plant.

A mustard seed can be found in many colours, including white and black. The seed is prominent for offering a slight scent while adding a tangy flavour to many entrees. The seeds can be ground during the preparation of a meal to add an added taste to any meal. The process of adding the seeds is similar to what you would get out of adding dried herbs.

A Persian wholesaler can help you get mustard seeds in many tones. The black mustard seed is a littler sharper in flavour. A white seed is larger in size and isn’t too intense, but it still adds the distinct tang that the seeds are known for.

Ask Takin Fine Foods for information on how mustard seeds can work for your entrees.

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A Sunflower Seeds Supplier Offers Both Salted and Unsalted Seeds

Sunflower Seeds | Sunflower Seeds Supplier

A sunflower seeds supplier will provide you with the choice of unsalted or salted seeds. The flavor in your seeds will vary based on whether you are adding salt to them or you go without.

Salt can be added to fine food products to preserve the flavors of seeds and to keep them dry. This is ideal for when you’re planning on enjoying these seeds on your own without any extra accompaniment.

You can also find unsalted seeds for when you need to add something to a recipe. Unsalted seeds are ideal for a salad. They may also be diced and added onto some meat-based entrees if you prefer to use them that way.

It is up to you to figure out if you prefer salted or unsalted sunflower seeds. Takin Fine Foods is a sunflower seeds supplier that you can contact when you’re looking for the best seeds for your use.

Dried Herbs – Getting The Best Out Of Dried Herbs


Dried Mushrooms | Dried Herbs

Dried herbs are extremely important when it comes to seasoning your food and the proper usage of herbs and spices makes all the difference in the end. Herbs are generally used as a medicine or, flavour which doesn’t develop persistent woody tissue but dies down at the end of growing season. Spices on the other hand comes from a dried plant and usually in powdered form.

Some of the most common dried herbs which are used in dishes include Basin, Parsley, Oregano, Thyme, Bay leaves, Rosemary, Coriander, and Fenugreek etc. Dried herbs can also be rehydrated in water before they are added to a dish unlike fresh herbs which can be added right away. Dried herbs work best with dishes which allow ample time to cook.

Herbs with a strong flavour like rosemary, mint, thyme, oregano etc. can be added at the beginning of cooking a dish since it takes some time for the flavours to fully develop and mix with the dish.

Dried herbs are ideal to have for your next big recipe. See what you can find at Takin Fine Foods today.

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