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Chefs all over the world know the value of spices and seasonings. With just a pinch of spice, the taste of a dish can be enhanced. Not surprisingly, these professionals pay a great deal of attention to the purchase and use of spices in their kitchens.

In many cases, chefs in various restaurants and dining facilities bear the responsibility of buying the spices they need from various local wholesale spices suppliers. These local suppliers will typically offer all the necessary spices and seasonings used for making a wide selection of dishes. However, only the best suppliers will think of importing their spices from quality suppliers overseas.

Takin Fine Foods has a stellar reputation as a Persian wholesaler of various food products and ingredients. The products we stock vary in terms of their category and size. From beans & grains to dried herbs & fruit, we stock them all. It can be worth highlighting that we’re the leading importer and wholesaler of premium Persian and Mediterranean fine foods in Australia.

Our associations with premium-quality suppliers overseas enables us to offer a myriad of food products at cost-effective prices. Besides grains and spices, we also stock a diverse selection of frozen herbs and frozen fruits and vegetables. Naturally, the wide range of products we stock makes us a one-stop destination for many of our customers.

If you want quality spices for your dishes, consider visiting our retail facility in Fairfield Heights. As an established and renowned Iranian wholesaler, we stock an enviable range of spices and seasonings such as:

  • Aniseeds – in star, powder and seed forms
  • Bay, mint, oregano and basil leaves
  • Black pepper – in seed, powder and crushed forms
  • Cardamom sourced from reputed spices and beans suppliers – in pods, powder and seed forms
  • Caraway, coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek and sumac – in seed and powder forms
  • Chilli – in powder and crushed forms
  • Cinnamon – in bark, stick and powder forms
  • Cloves, nutmeg and pimento – in whole and powder forms
  • Curry powder – in hot and mild variants sourced from premier spices and sunflower seeds suppliers in Iran and the Middle East
  • Garlic – in flake and powder forms
  • Yellow mustard powder and thyme powder
  • Brown and yellow mustard seeds
  • Nigella seeds and blue & white poppy seeds
  • Paprika (and smoked paprika)
  • Rosemary – in leaves and powder variants
  • Turmeric
  • White pepper (including white pepper seeds)
  • Miscellaneous fine food products and spices comprising beef boosters, bicarbonate sodas, chicken salt, citric acid, food colouring, garlic salt, mahaleb, onion powder, sahlab, Turkish chilli and vanilla sugar

At Takin Fine Foods, we do not just stock individual herbs, spices and seasonings. Instead, we can offer you a wide selection of mixed spices and seasonings too. As a top spices and dried fruit supplier, rely on us when you want to purchase spicy mixtures such as:

  • Amba, Bastorma, chicken, Dolma, Falafel, fish curry, Iraqi mix, Kuba, Mexican, pickle, Shawarma and biryani spices
  • BBQ, hamburger, pepper steak, Moroccan and garlic steak seasonings
  • Cajun mixes
  • Garam masala
  • Italian herbs
  • Supreme chicken seasonings and fish sprinkles obtained from reputed Persian wholesalers
  • Khak-e-Shir
  • Lemon beef and powder
  • Five, seven and 12 mixed spice combinations
  • Mandean mix spices

For the best spices, herbs and other food products, don’t look beyond Takin Fine Foods. A fine foods supplier par excellence, we offer an enviable range of options for each category of food products. Our customers do not merely comprise individual householders. Rather, we supply many of our products wholesale to commercial facilities such as takeaways, cafes, restaurants, delis and supermarkets throughout the country. So, each time you shop with us, you can expect to obtain quality products at cost-effective prices.

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