What are the guidelines for beans suppliers?

As the staple of Persian wholesale in Australia, we at Takin Fine Foods take great pride in our ability to deliver quality products such as our dried beans, peas and lentils (or pulses). We understand the importance of the bean not just in Persian cuisine though in other cuisines across the entire world as well. For this reason, we ensure that our products are imported from the nations that deliver the highest possible quality, this includes Iran and several other nations in the Middle East.

Though what are some of the factors in which these bean suppliers must recognize in order to provide such quality? :

  1. Temperature – per the rules of basic agriculture, temperature management is, of course, a critical factor for bean suppliers. Dried bean growth performs the best in the range of 24°c – 30°c, fortunately for Iran and other nations in its vicinity the average temperature in the summer season is around 25/27°c. Bean growth performs quite slowly in temperatures below 16°c hence it is important to make the most of the growing season
  1. Crop Rotation – Similar to one the duties of a sunflower seed supplier crop rotations are essential in the management of dried beans. Making sure beans are not grown more than once on the same land and without other crops being grown in rotation ensures the control of weeds, discouragement of diseases, erosion protection and management of eco-friendly practices.
  1. Seed Choice Beans Suppliers must take careful consideration in their selection of beans for agriculture. Blemish free, plump seeds that are not shriveled, shrunken and discolored are the ideal candidates for these farmers.

Quality assurance through the management of these factors must be maintained from our suppliers so that we can provide that same quality in our beans for our customers and then some. Order now on the takin website to see for yourself.

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