Food Safety Standards for Dried Fruit Suppliers

Food safety practices are important for all fine food suppliers.  Different food types have different safety standards. Like many preserved dried foods is not containing any poisoning bacteria. Similarly, dried fruit has certain safety measures, which are important to note by every dried fruit supplier.

  1. Dried fruits are not potentially hazardous foods, which means it does not contain any kind of bacteria for preservation. So, they are easy to save for a certain period of time. Under the food safety system FBOs that has been defined in the food safety standard regulations, 2016 dried fruits, nuts, and seeds come under the category of processed foods.
  2. In the above mention, food safety standards dried fruits are described as “products found by drying sound, clean fruits, and nuts of proper ripeness.
  3. The next important safety measure for any dried fruit supplier company is to look after the packaging and labeling regulations. Dried fruits are must free from mold, living / dead insects, insect fragments, and rodent contamination.
  4. High-grade hygienic practice, especially during the time of COVID-19 when all fine food suppliers are practicing hygienic processes through the packaging.

Important Note – We at Takin keep all safety measures in mind for all our fine food products before selling. So stay carefree as we are here to take care of all your health needs with all food items. To know more or to order your fine food products from us, call us on 02 9609 6779

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