Growing Australian Organic Dried Herbs Industry

The Australian dried herbs growing industry is relatively small in comparison to the world production of herbs. There are some traditional herbs that are grown within the country, whereas others were either harvested from native stands or grown in other countries and get exported in Australia. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic situation across the globe, economic standards of prices of many herbs have risen.

Freshly grown dried herbs which are I high demand are coriander, parsley, mint, and basil. In the current scenario of life, we can store locally grown herbs depending upon the weeks and packaging storage conditions.

Traditionally, most herbs were either wild-harvested or grown within smallholdings, usually on a village co-operative scale. Demand for these herbs has remained at a constant level up until the recent surge in usage. This has led to a rise in the price as supply has not been able to keep up with demand. Due to other world economic factors, inflation, higher standards of living, the trend to leave the farm, many herbs have either risen quite high in price or become absent. This has led to improved interest in the farming of these herbs. Also, nowadays, commercial herb farming is one of the cultures in Australia.

Preserving Your Herbs

Herbs are best used fresh from the garden, but there are times when you may need to preserve them. There are several different ways to preserve your herbs:

  1. Dry herbs – either air dry by hanging in bunches upside down or you can use the oven on a very low temperature. Store them in a cool, dry environment.
  2. Freeze some herbs – place on baking paper in the freezer and, when frozen, place in snap – lock bags.
  3. Convert the form of herbs for storage – Whenever, you want to store any herb for a long time, turn your excess basil into pesto or transform it into a delicious sauce or any other thing for long storage.

We at Takin, deal in organic dried herbs which last for long enough time to use.

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