Using Beans Suppliers for Delicious Meals

In Australia, beans and lentils are one of the most popular food ingredients, they are easy to incorporate into a range of meals. Beans have high nutritional value and taste great. Beans suppliers such as Takin, fine food suppliers, distribute these across Australia to cater to ever-increasing demands for these and other fine foods. They are a part of the legume family. Legumes are a type of plant and its seeds or fruits, other foods in this family include chickpeas and peanuts. Beans suppliers sell a wide range of legumes including beans of all colours and sizes.

Beans suppliers range of products has great nutritional value; members of the legume family are known for low fat, cholesterol and sodium content, rich in carbohydrates and a healthy intake of fibre and vitamin B. Being so healthy and delicious it’s no wonder fine food suppliers such as Takin have had a surge in popularity. Here are a few of the delicious meals you can make with beans and lentils:

  • Lentil Salads – lentils make a perfect addition to a mixed salad, adding some extra flavour and a satisfying crunch.
  • Hummus – using a mix of quality crushed lentil from fine food suppliers and beans with assorted green herbs. With this, you can make delicious and healthy hummus.
  • Lentil Soup – a selection of tasty lentils and beans in a mixture of seasonal vegetables and a beef, chicken or vegetable-based broth.
  • Meatballs – using high-quality lentils from Australian beans suppliers and mushrooms, you can make fantastic vegetarian meatballs. They are perfect for any pasta dish.

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