Wholesale Spices Suppliers – A Range of Flavours

In world cuisine, there is no shortage of unique and delicious flavours. Many of these flavours come from spices or dried herbs and are loved by millions across the world. Wholesale spices suppliers allow a diverse range of these ingredients to be imported from across the planet and sold in Australia. To allow more people to experience these great foods, Persian wholesalers have imported a variety of spices to Australia. The variety of spices allows for many different tastes to be made by chefs and home cooks across the country. Some of the main spices available from wholesale spices suppliers include:

  • Cinnamon – a woody and sweet spice typically used for breakfast foods, desserts, and drinks
  • Turmeric – a warm and bitter-tasting spice usually used for curries, drinks, and soups.
  • Paprika – a hotter and bitter spice with many varieties that vary in taste.
  • Nutmeg – a very versatile spice used in both sweet and savoury dishes. It has a more earthy taste and a great scent. It’s most common uses are in eggnog, and tropical drinks, but is also used in many dishes which Persian wholesalers can allow families in Australia to enjoy.
  • Ginger – an aromatic, tangy and mildly hot spice that sees widespread use in many Asian dishes and as an ingredient in tea.
  • Peppers – ground black pepper is a staple of almost any dinner table, used in too many dishes to name them all. There is a wealth of other peppers available from wholesale spices suppliers.

On top of their taste, many of these spices also have good health benefits for people. For example, cinnamon is believed to help regulate blood sugar, and turmeric aids liver health. Wholesale spices suppliers such as Takin stock an extensive catalog of spices that are sure to improve any dish.

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