How Do You Use Dried Herbs In a Recipe?

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You can find dried herbs from an Iranian wholesaler, but you should know how to use those herbs first. Here are a few points to use when getting your herbs ready:

  1. About one teaspoon of dried herbs should equal one tablespoon of herbs.
  2. Add the herbs onto the top of your entrée during the cooking process. It is easier for the herbs to mix in well with the food when adding while cooking.
  3. Herbs may be utilized as a replacement for salt in most recipes. This is useful for those aiming to cut down on sodium in their entrees.
  4. Add water to your herbs to rehydrate them when you’re ready to use them in your recipe. The added water allows the flavor to release accordingly.

Dried herbs are ideal to have for your next big recipe. See what you can find at Takin Fine Foods today.

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