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Health experts and dietitians often urge Australians to increase their intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables each day is a good habit. You could also increase your consumption of dry fruits sourced from reputed dried fruit suppliers. These fruits can be a perfect substitute for unhealthy snacks loaded with fat and high cholesterol. However, it is interesting to know the merits of consuming canned food products. It is worth highlighting that canned foods can be a neat way of increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables.

Takin Fine Foods has a reputation for being one of the top fine food suppliers in Australia. We’re one of Australia’s leading importers and wholesalers of quality Persian and Mediterranean fine foods and ingredients. We typically stock a wide range of spices, dried beans, grains, dry fruits and herbs for wholesale. Additionally, our inventory comprises of an extensive range of frozen herbs, fruits and vegetables as well. The comprehensive range of products that we offer makes us one of the top wholesale spices suppliers in the country.

Besides stocking grains and spices, we also stock some of the choicest canned food products. However, unlike other suppliers, we only stock canned goods offered by reputed fine food product suppliers. These suppliers usually can fruit and vegetables within hours after picking. Prior to canning the fruits and vegetables, the suppliers will wash, peel, cut, chop or pit these food products by taking safety and precautionary measures.

They might even blanch some varieties of fruits and vegetables if needed. After preparing the fruits and vegetables, these suppliers will can them and seal the lids. Thereafter, they will heat the cans to a precise temperature for a specified duration to prevent spoilage. Thus, you get the best quality of canned foods you purchase from us.

At Takin Fine Foods, our customers savour our canned food products and dried herbs. By consuming canned food regularly, you will be able to:

  • Consume various important nutrients such as fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • Relish superb tasting fruits and vegetables that offer comparable levels of nutrition to fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Minimise your intake of sodium
  • Savour minimally processed foods without having to compromise on their taste or freshness
  • Rest assured about remaining safe from various types of foodborne illnesses and contamination

Takin Fine Foods enjoys a significant amount of popularity for being a reputed beans and sunflower seeds supplier. We also stock an enviable range of jams, sugar, salt, pickles, herbs and spices. However, our wide range of canned foods appeals to the rich and varied tastes of our clientele too. When it comes to canned food products, we usually stock:

  • Canned tomatoes and tomato pastes that contain beneficial antioxidants and ease the food preparation process
  • Canned mushroom slices

Since 2006, Takin Fine Foods has been providing quality fine foods to Australians, from food colouring to starches, we have it all. Shop from Australia’s leading Persian wholesaler to get the best value for your money.

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