When it comes to baking, you will undoubtedly need the best flour. Many people have their traditional favourites when it comes to flour. These individuals will use this flour to bake an assortment of breads, cakes, pastries and other goodies, and, when they exhaust their supplies, they will not think twice about visiting the local flour and beans suppliers to replenish their stock.

However, flour does not come in a limited range of types. Certain types of flours can be better for producing a specific variety of baked goods than others. So, when you visit the local grocery or fine food products store, don’t feel surprised when you come across multiple varieties of flours. By trying out some of these flours gradually, you could end up enhancing your culinary repertoire.

At Takin Fine Foods, we stock a wide range of food products and ingredients. As an established Iranian wholesaler, we specialise in importing and supplying superlative products from Iran, the Middle East and the Mediterranean regions. Since 2006, we have been giving Australians access to some of the best-selling culinary products from around the world. From herbs & spices to grains & flours, our inventory offers a diverse variety in each category of products. Because of this, we have become one of the leading grains and wholesale spices suppliers in the country.

Many people will agree that baking denotes the art of turning flour into a myriad of delicious food items such as cakes, cookies, biscuits and breads. Flour provides structure to all kinds of baked goods. However, different baked goods will require different types of structural supports. Hence, as one of the leading flour and sunflower seeds suppliers in the country, we offer:


  • Bread flour – one of the strongest flours with a protein content ranging from 12 to 14 percent
  • Cake flour, which can be ideal for making tenderly baked goods
  • Pastry flour, which flour and beans suppliers usually make from soft wheat to provide an ideal balance of flakiness and tenderness
  • Self-rising flour, which comprises flour mixed with baking powder and salt, used for making muffins, pancakes etc.
  • All-purpose flour, which ranks among the most versatile varieties of flour, used for making anything from breads to pie crusts


When you shop for flours at Takin Fine Foods, you will invariably find yourself spoiled for choice. The best food products suppliers often provide their customers with a wide range of options across product categories. We do the same as well. As a renowned Iranian wholesaler of quality food products, we stock a diverse selection of flours such as:


  • Rice flour (in coarse, fine and grit varieties)
  • Maize flour
  • Bakers flour
  • Heera Atta flour
  • Self-rising flour
  • Special white WSTN flour sourced from leading flour and sunflower seeds suppliers
  • Corn flour
  • Chick peas flour and,
  • Besan fine flour

Our extensive variety of flours and spices makes us one of Australia’s premier flour and wholesale spices suppliers. The variety and quality of our food products makes us a one-stop shop for all your culinary needs.

Unlike other suppliers of fine food products, we do not stock only grains, flour, spices, herbs and beans. We stock a wide range of frozen herbs, fruits and vegetables too. And, our customers include numerous cafes, takeaways, delis and restaurants across the country. This attests to the taste, quality and value that each of our food products offers.

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