Dried Fruit


Dry fruits rank among the healthiest types of food in contemporary times. Shopping all kinds of dried fruits in Australia has become much easier. Almost any sunflower seeds supplier in your neighborhood will stock some varieties of dried fruits. These days, people add dry fruits to a variety of recipes – from cakes and pies to puddings. Many wholesale spices suppliers in Australia have begun stocking a wide selection of dried fruits, herbs and beans.

For the uninitiated, dry fruits simply denote the pulp of fresh fruits without any water content that they might have. Dehydrating these fruits results in higher concentration of some essential nutrients that these dried herbs and fruits contain. As a result, health experts and dietitians believe that incorporating dry fruits in your daily diet could be very good for your health.

Takin Fine Foods ranks among the premier fine food suppliers in Australia. We specialize in importing and supplying quality Persian and Mediterranean food products and ingredients. Unlike other suppliers, we do not just sell our products to individual customers. Many commercial establishments including independent supermarkets, delis and restaurants source their food ingredients and products from us. We offer a comprehensive range and size of fine food products such as dried fruits, herbs, beans, grains and wholesale spices. Moreover, we stock an assortment of frozen herbs, fruits and vegetables too.

Not many people know that the use of dried fruits originated in the ancient Mesopotamian and Mediterranean civilizations. In those days, people either dried fruits by keeping them exposed to the sun or dehydrated these fruits by building effective wind tunnel systems. The dried fruits that you commonly come across at many dried fruits suppliers will often be rich in nutrients such as:

  • Potassium, which can be useful for regulating blood pressure
  • Dietary fibers that can lower cholesterol levels, maintain healthy blood sugar levels and prevent constipation
  • Iron that enables the red blood cells to deliver oxygen to all of the other cells in the body

Dried fruits can be high in calories, but similar to frozen fruits and vegetables, they remain highly nutritious. While being low in fat and protein content, dried fruits contain a lot of carbohydrates. Not surprisingly, many health experts recommend snacking on dried fruits as opposed to other fatty and oily snacks.

At Takin Fine Foods, we stock an enviable selection of dried fruits. As a leading Iranian wholesaler, we obtain many of our dry fruits from reputed suppliers in Iran and the Middle East. Thus, by shopping with us, you can expect to find quality and nutritious dried fruits including:

  • Apricots (including Turkish apricots)
  • Barberries
  • Dates (including Zahdi dates)
  • Figs
  • Pitted dates and prunes obtained from premier dried fruits and beans suppliers
  • Sultanas (green and black varieties alike)
  • Plums

When you want quality dried fruits with high levels of nutritious value and taste, don’t look beyond Takin Fine Foods. We’re the leading Persian wholesaler in Australia. Since 2006, we have been giving many people the choicest food products and ingredients from Iran and the Middle East. Whether you want seeds, beans or lentils and spices, we can give you the best products.

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